Monday, September 12, 2016

Summer 2016

Summer 2016

This summer has been a very good summer for me, In Between working at the beach For Jamie Knox Watersports I got some pretty nice sailing at home not that much of it but some good fun sessions, I also went to Pozo in Gran Canaria for my first time for some jumping training, and then I returned to Tenerife for more onshore training ad for the PWA Event at Cabezo. In this blog I'll talk about my first experiences at Pozo and how Tenerife went for me.
Sticking up my new 2016 GA Sails
Pozo was my first excursion of the year, I went the week after I finished school. I traveled by myself  I planned on renting kit in Pozo, I flew from Dublin to Gran Canaria which again is the typical very boring and uncomfortable trip to the Canarias ! For the first 2 nights I had an AirBnb appartment to myself which was nice (Ps. Thanks Adam Lewis for teaching me how to use a gass cooker) and then for the other 4 days staying at the Windsurfing Hostel.
Not a bad view from the front door eh 
Pozo was a pretty funny place. there is so little there ! Two small shops (didn't even sell chicken !) and then big windsurfing centres but one thing that isn't lacking there is Wind, There was a whole lot of wind ! Everyday there was 4.0 or 3.6 weather but it was as flat as a lake, So pretty interesting sailing for me as that was the first time I would of sailed 3.6 ankle high onshore weather. But that's what I got to try get good at if I want to make it. It was nice getting to meet up with mates like Brawzinho, Ben Profit, Julien Taboulet and Felix Spencer ! I'm looking forward to going back there and really pushing my self there and trying to get as good at that type of sailing as I can.
I made it to Ben Profits Training Diarys ! 

I went to Tenerife on the 28th of July and the PWA Event started on Aug 3rd so I had a few days to get back into the onshore Groove which is normally quite awkward for me as I never sail onshore but this year I was super happy that I almost had no adjustment time as I was straight into getting really nice waves off the block. It was great to meet up with all the Tenerife Guys and the PWA guys again before the event. I love sailing with the top guys as their standard is so high it just pushes my own sailing level.
PWA Opening Ceremony
This year I was using my new 2016 IQ GA Sails and my new 85L Super Quatro Mini, the kit worked so well, the Super Mini is the best onshore board I have ever used (Also the only onshore board I have had !)  I sailed it every day whilst In Tenerife from every wind strength to holding on 3.6 to sinking 5.0 weather, such a good board for onshore sailing ,I only used my 77L Pyramid once because the mini was so good ! I very definitely recommend you trying one !
During the event I got to Caddy for Brawzinho (Winner of the Single Elimination) and for Robby Swift, it was a good learning experience into how they sail their heats and how I can improve my heat strategy.
Two days before my first heat I managed to pick up an Ear infection during some free sailing, It was really annoying as it kept me off the water for one day and then on the second day I had to go in for my heat, I blocked up my ear to make sure I kept the water out.
I had two heats, my first one I had an absolute shocker against Loïck Leasgue and local Tim Van Dam ,I was really disappointed in myself and how I had sailed as it was probably the worst I had sailed all week long. I was thrown out of rhythm by the fact I had to change my kit just as the heat had started and I was having to use an old boom which I don''t like using and a sail I hadn't yet sailed, So I was already pretty stressed and off my game which I believe is why I sailed such a poor heat. After my heat I was hoping I would get another attempt to actually show how I can sail.
Pic from heat 1

Two days later my chance came and before my heat Mark Hosegood came over to me and gave me some advice which helped me so much, it was just to breath, it sounds too simple but it really did work. My second heat was much much better. I was really pleased with how this heat went, It started off with a solid forward loop and then a sick front side air which I was pretty stocked to get that in my actual heat. Ben Profit seemed pretty impressed by it hah ! Sadly the only thing which I lacked in that heat was that I didn't have a second jump, Myself and Tim Van Dam were both looking for a back loop ramp in the last 6 minutes but just couldn't find the right ramp. Still i think that was a good note to end it for me, I am really looking forward to coming back better and smarter for the trials !
Here is a pic from Heat 2
Check out the full heat here Starts at the 50minute mark.

Siam Park was really cool, Slightly disappointed I missed my chance to Sail in the pool, But instead I got to watch Adam and Diter and Antoine rip it up in the tow in and got to livestream on Facebook with Robby Swift which was fun.

Once the event had finished I still had 5 days left In Tenerife, I spent those days hanging out and Sailing with Australian Felix Spencer, We got quite a lot of sailing,nothing special though.

After that I returned home and got some super sailing with Dad and Tom and Ollie from the ChookJournal.
Here are some pics from home at the end of summer
Pretty stoked with this sequence ! 

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Quatro Super Mini 83 Mini

Quatro Super Mini 83 Mini first impressions
Rik from zero gravity was over here for some sailing with board in his van. It seamed rude to let him talk it home, so it ours now. As a rule I tend to choose the board within a range which are the most suited to good DTL conditions but with Finn spending more time in onshore spots and anything which helps with getting going fast  has to be of interest.

So far only it  sailed 4 times. 3 times in waves and  once on flat  water. Some 5.4 weather but mostly 4.7 in  head high waves, side shore and  onshore .
I bought it as a crappy conditions/ onshore/ jump board which will get sailed in proper ground swell too. It's a sweet board very quick to get going and fast while still having a good front side turn. In average south coast / Tenerife conditions it is  great board because
 Super quick to get going
 Jumps really well feeling light and small in the air.
 Points really high. 
 Very good at carrying speed on soft waves. You can do lots of turns on a wave and it climbs white water well.
 Good at "taka's" because of the short length. (I'm Not!)

The board came with a massive 20cm middle fin and 10cm sides.The spec has it coming with a 18cm. Being playing round with K4.  Tried 16cm flex which was way to small for the wide tail. Now using a 18cm stubby and 10cm shark sides that's working well. Feel there's a bit more plying to do. Going to try it as a true thruster.

We have being sailing the 86 Pyramid at the same time swapping between then. There's a big difference ! For a proper hard hack on a wave with a bit off speed the 86 is unbeatable. The down side being not having the get up and go. 


In other news  Finn will blog one day !!

GA 2017 IQ just got them not been wet yet.
Pozo first time trip for Finn
South Kerry Day trip

Van looking like it needs a wash

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Spring 2016

Surf Trip Clare 
On the 13th of April, Myself and my parents traveled to Clare for a weekend of surfing as there was a Junior National Surf Comp but I also knew Jamie O'Brien was in Clare filming new "Who Is JOB 6.0". A few days before I got a message from JOB on snapchat,I was over the moon getting a reply from him, and that made me super excited for the weekend ahead. I didn't think I would get to see him I was just excited by the fact i was even in the same country as JOB seeing as that he is my favourite surfer.
Once we arrived it was pumping so I jumped straight into the water, And once returning back to the beach my Mom said "Jamie O'Brien was here 5 minutes ago" I didn't believe mom at first,I didn't want to believe I had missed the chance to see him ! 
Later on that day I went searching for Surf with Tom Knox and two other friends and as we were getting close to the surf spot we were over taken by this Red Bull Van, I instantly knew it was JOB, I was super excited yet pretty nervous. We drove down this little road towards the point brake and saw the Van had pulled in at a Restaurant. I was slighty disappointed as i thought it meant they weren't going surfing. 10 Minutes later I was getting into my suit when Ryan Hipwood just casually walks up to us and says hello to us and carrys on and then Jamie O'Brien walks past and says Hey and carried on down to the wave. I have never put a wetsuit on so quick ever hah !

The Surf was pretty good but the session was made Amazing by the fact I got to have full conversations with Ryan Hipwood, Jamie O'Brien and Poopies, Pretty crazy eh ? They were all super cool and nice. And the standard of their surfing is just crazy ! It is 10 times more impressive in person than watching it on the Internet. Hopefully I managed to get onto "Who is Job"! ;-)  
Its not everyday Jamie O'Brien watches you from the channel
Thanks Seamus Quinlan for the pics from this Surf
The next day was a pretty crazy forecast, Big swell good Swell period but lots of Wind !! It was about 40 knots offshore which isn't the best thing when you are standing on top of a 700 foot cliff ! It was too windy for the surfers to Paddle In, So they're doing tow in's. Pretty epic spectacle ! Ryan Hipwood was in his element in Scary waves.
Ryan Hipwood Charging the Cliff

National Geographic
I was chosen by National Geographic as a Young Surfer/Windsurfer who lived on the Wild Atlantic Way to feature in video they are making on the Wild Atlantic way.
It was an amazing experience getting to spend 2 days showing The National Geographic Camera Man around where I live and Having him Interview and filming me sailing. I am excited for the video to come out the video will should be out on the 1st of June.

Behind the scenes
Available at your local NewsAgent soon ;)

Sunova Surfboards 
Dad and I got some pretty beautiful new boards ! Dad got a new SUP, and I got a new ShortBoard, I haven't gotten much powerful surf recently so I don't have many pictures of my new Surf Board in Action, Once I do I will post the pictures. The board is a amazing and so beautiful.
Big Thanks to Bert Burger for the boards. I defiantly recommend looking at their boards and reading about how Bert left FireWire Surfboards to makes these !

 The Chook Journal

During Easter The Piddens came to Kerry for Two weeks. Tom and Ollie Pidden made a video of their Sailing and Surfing over the two weeks (

Unfortunately I was having trouble with a re-occuring back injury which meant I couldn't take part in any of the sailing they got which sucked but thankfully i was still able to Surf

I haven't had that much sailing as of a re-ocurring back injury but luckily by the time of the National Geographic filming I was back to fitness.
A friend of ours Hans Beuh from Germany came and stayed with us for a week. I always love sailing with Hans, He always brings a smile and he pushes my sailing which is always good.
If only he didn't get in the way of pictures ;-) 

Brandon  Bay film by Magnus Kallin.

Look what you can make if you come here on holiday and no wind ! Well worth watching

New Camera

Dad and I recently bought a new 500mm Sigma Lens so we should be able to get better photos and films now having a better lens.

Thanks for reading !

Monday, April 18, 2016

Winter 2015/2016 Brandon Bay

Winter 2016 Pictures and Movie.

This is a brief overview of my Winter 2016, Mainly just pictures from time on the water, I am hoping to get back to posting blogs more regularly.

It has been a warm wet and windy winter which sounds great but being in such a exposed place when its windy it really gets very very windy, with the bay getting all the Atlantic winter swells it often a case of trying to find the place with the least swell and wind!.  Most of Brandon bay is beach breaks which after mast high become too expensive to sail ! For proper big waves we need to get on to the reefs which only work in northly winds which this winter North winds just did not happen.

Search and you will find

New Winter Sailing edit 

(watch in HD for better viewing)
Finn Mellon Winter 2016 from Finn Mellon on Vimeo.

Hopefully you enjoy this edit, I edited it myself and it was filmed with help from my Dad and my Soloshot 2.


Christmas in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura consisted of a lot of surfing and not a lot of Windsurfing !! No windsurfing for me to be exact ! Dad did a little better, with costly sail at at a wave called  Acid drops near Majanicho with big surf and not a lot of wind . He  destroyed a new 5m sail, + a Carbon boom and had a long swim home with what kid he had left.  Not that much Fun !!
The surf defiantly made up for the lack of wind ! Got tones of good waves, Not much Christmas presents but getting Christmas day tubes with no one else on the peak makes up for that, Only downside of that christmas day surf was snapping my board, but oh well, it made traveling home easier !

Smashing Christmas Day !

Santa tubes 

Niall sticking to flat water after trashing everything !


This winter was the first winter that I have been wave-sailing where we have been lucky enough to get a good spell of North Easterly Winds,This gave us the chance to Sail Cross of Mossies (doesn't happen often !) I have surfed Mossies many times but I have never been lucky enough to get a good Down The line sail there.My first two sessions at Mossies were very tricky as the wind was pretty light, very offshore and the Waves were firing ! light offshore wind makes it pretty tricky to get out through mast high+ hollow waves and the lack of a channel didn't help either ! After unsuccessfully trying to get out back for an hour I finally managed to get out, I managed to get 2 waves but they were pretty sick waves "Camera Man sadly happened to be on a "toilet brake" for the most of the two waves!"

No kit was harmed in the making of this picture !

A few days later I got another chance at mossies, This time it was a lot easier, Smaller Waves,Better wind direction and a channel to get out through ! Still was pretty light so I took out my biggest kit, An Old 5.4 sail and my 86 Litre Quatro Pyramid, It was epic ! I got main peak mossies all to myself for 2 hours.

Bigger than it looks !

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